An Endless Sea

by Deep-pression



Drowning corpses sail to the setting sun,
smelling the decomposing of their flesh,
gently brought by an icy soft wind.
An annihilation process following the same fate of every being, but accepting this dissolution as return to the origin to be part again of what generated life.

CD version out for Singularity Publishing


released August 19, 2010

Rh- - Keyboards, Artwork, Lyrics
ky - Bass, Mixing & Mastering
B.G. - Vocals
Dy - Keyboards on track 6



all rights reserved


Deep-pression Poland

started in 2006 by Rh- & Jan
later worked as jam band
since 2010 as duo : Rh- & ky and sessional members & guests.

Experimental ambient with various influences.

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Track Name: Sirens
a prayer from the shore
towards those who die
in waves of those disturbing sounds
in waves
so deep down...
they call...
a coming of hand
that helps
to enter cold grave...
echoes carry their moans
someone is dying
away from a shore
on a cold road
at rainy night
their echoes cry
among the trees
that grow by a road
in endless dead bliss...
Track Name: Where Dead Ships Forever Moan
where...? their home...?

in ice
on wind
they call

steam ships
frozen and silent

old sails
as rugs
fluttering in freezing air

where...? their tomb...?

away from our world
in black hole of white doom

listen to the steam ships'
moaning song from far away
listen to it
it comes from waterfilled lungs
from the land placed in Nowhere

on ice and endless white...
Track Name: An Endless Sea
tears of rotten dreams..
rivers of blood..
all enter an endless sea..
while after while..
each sleepless night..
each tiring day..

we walk the bottom
among the bones
hidden in the mud..
and world is our water
as life is just
the drowned..

miseries and delights
all still in us..
while we sleep
the pain from the past
become more rare..
and it will be gone with
my last breath!

on endless seas
we drift
in the cold blue suns...
dreaming the dead eyes
...they stare from below...
Track Name: Depths
there is a world
in the world of humans
hidden Atlantis
under the water...
in depths...

moan of all hopelessness
screams in human minds
it comes from your god
it comes from the depths
your mind tries to dive

there is a world
ancient treasure of all the truth
universe within universe

humanity has just one option:
stop breathing
Death's final reap
in depths...
Track Name: The Arrival Of The Wintry Clouds
the horizon is red
the wintry clouds come
coming back pain
in my shoulder
remains me
my heart is not well
raining outside...
with white drops of snowy rain

coldness follows the dead
on chains
of misery
crawlers crawl
while miseries spill
from their veins
a path to walk on
'til fucking Death

when eyes open
something in heart must die
this is the rule
of wanderers
leave behind
what left behind...