Blunt Razor

by Deep-pression



Compilation of tracks recorded by various session members.

Out as pro CDr for IMMORTAL FROST
Also out as internet release on MISANTROF ANTIRECORDS

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released June 23, 2010

Rh- - Keyboards, Artwork, Lyrics
Razor - Vocals
Various session members - Other Instruments



all rights reserved


Deep-pression Poland

started in 2006 by Rh- & Jan
later worked as jam band
since 2010 as duo : Rh- & ky and sessional members & guests.

Experimental ambient with various influences.

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Track Name: Names

when whispering their names
they come to me
their voices reverberate
among four white walls
in four cold songs..
here is hell
where the dreams are born
but never come true
.. i call them
trying to forget the things
that even never were!
trying forget those sad eyes
hidden in long wet hair!
it never happened
all still rest in soil
and all this pain is useless
as useless are their names
that dwell white walls
that dwell dark cells
Track Name: S.O.36 (Killing Joke cover)
one man limited room to think
move with the lines in soft fat red
phase one environment experiment
this is your city with miracles spent
so dead
crime of flesh control is joyless
blue white shells will not grow to trees
phase one environment experiment
the smoke on the city with miracles spent
so dead
Track Name: I Want To Die In Mexico
i want to die in Mexico

las grutas de cacahuamilpa?!
vast flat areas
dusty towns
im stranger in this place
as im the stranger anywhere
i appear
who cares
while blood still boils
who cares
when the blood is spilled

waiting for the twilight
less light
less things to scare
less of the lostlove
less to care

the tatoo of Nemesis Queen
burns my throat
i put it where
noone can find
hang me
cut my neck
you will see
if you are not blind
but never feel the hell i found
all dwell my little fucking heart

waiting for the twilight
less light
less things all around
less of hatred
that makes crawl sometimes

Track Name: Monotonous Disappointment Paths
There's no point in asking
why things aren't working
look at your feet. Look down!
We are walking on a sick rotting ground
every step
is a plunge into the dark
in this unsafe walk we are having

the subtle veil of water
that makes things vague
things i don't want to see
have indistinct shapes
but now it doesn't work anymore
everything has been dried up
and water
suddenly choked
in its bed..

Coldness rising inside
in this frozen prison,
my prison
walls covered with ice
the high iron grating
where i climbed up
seems so far away now
sky will remain forever squared

monotonous disappointment paths
monotonous disappointment paths
monotonous disappointment paths

monotonous disappointment paths
monotonous disappointment paths
Track Name: Broken Tree
so very far away
so broken
the smell of thunder..
lightening in the sky..
new dawn rises..
in a wood unknown
so distant
so broken
last night the death has come..
the smell of thunder..
lightening from the sky..
new day..

leafless forests

show me the trees
still having leaves...(can you?)

find the true place of misanthropy
never taken on photograph

it's in us
like floating stream

it's in us
like hand that grinds our hearts...

so broken
Track Name: Creeper
it creeps in through opened window
some bliss on your skin
becomes a torture
kiss of death on your cheek
endless road through ice
trembling limbs
thoughts - a bundle of nerves
when enter the darkness
you abandon all hope
while walking through those mists
you feel the loss is ahead
but not now
not today
a rest
a calm
pulsating emptiness heart
is satisfied with your wasted years
cosmic order
chaos path
offers the treasures
which man cant get
stop be human!
stop being it
cease this hunger of blood
rise your hand and hit own face
smile to the mirror
show it your ass!
it creeps in through opened arms
some bliss on your heart
becomes wide
numb limbs
thoughts - slowdivers
when enter the darkness
you open your eyes