Dead Witches And Living Ghosts

by Deep-pression



Compilation for night walkings through forests and
"inside witchcraft".
A tribute to dead witches and their ghosts in the woods...

Released on pro tape by Singularity Publishing in 2009, limited to 50 copies


released December 19, 2009

Rh- - Keyboards, Lyrics, Artwork
Lord Exetheris - Vocals
Various session members - Other Instruments



all rights reserved


Deep-pression Poland

started in 2006 by Rh- & Jan
later worked as jam band
since 2010 as duo : Rh- & ky and sessional members & guests.

Experimental ambient with various influences.

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Track Name: A Herb
how strong...
your grasp can be..
o try..
my best
to dive you in!
the swamp needs what i hate
and i hate you
when the mist is dense
and i dream of the moisty forests
as my only grace!
my relief
from human stinking kind...

each day
and away
each step...
with each word..
with each movement..
deeply hateful but modest
on mind
deeply away
away from all

misanthropy is the dancer!
she cant dance while others watch
so we walk gently through the woods
never disturb their peace
misanthropy and the old Witch,,,
they sit at the bank of a river
they say the words
we dont get...
they say the word
we LOVE without knowing this!
without knowing this..
Misanthropy my mother...
A witch - my eternal lover...
they speak
among the trees and the river carries their complaints... .
Track Name: Creeper
it creeps in through opened window
some bliss on your skin
becomes a torture
kiss of death on your cheek
endless road through ice
trembling limbs
thoughts - a bundle of nerves
when enter the darkness
you abandon all hope
while walking through those mists
you feel the loss is ahead
but not now
not today
a rest
a calm
pulsating emptiness heart
is satisfied with your wasted years
cosmic order
chaos path
offers the treasures
which man cant get
stop be human!
stop being it
cease this hunger of blood
rise your hand and hit own face
smile to the mirror
show it your ass!
it creeps in through opened arms
some bliss on your heart
becomes wide
numb limbs
thoughts - slowdivers
when enter the darkness
you open your eyes
Track Name: Broken Tree
so very far away
so broken
the smell of thunder..
lightening in the sky..
new dawn rises..
in a wood unknown
so distant
so broken
last night the death has come..
the smell of thunder..
lightening from the sky..
new day..

leafless forests

show me the trees
still having leaves...(can you?)

find the true place of misanthropy
never taken on photograph

it's in us
like floating stream

it's in us
like hand that grinds our hearts...

so broken
Track Name: The Cauldron
the wood is deep
the wood is dark
when you spin around
the trees are the only
things left to find
the evening is closer
the cauldrons of forest witches
wonderful recipes of old
sun slowly sets
casting pale shades
upon my face
the path is long
and i go deeper in the woods
boiling miseries
mixed with wonders of the night
bad wishes towards the living world
living beyond the gates of the forest
they echo in my head
whispers of the dead
spoken with mouths of witches
recipe for new season
how to hide from the light..
how to hide from the sun..

they are eyes
so black
they are eyes
so pale
it's the same now
when the night has risen
boiling cauldrons
smokes over the wood
curses climb up the trees
to join the raven wings
to be spread worldwide
over the land!

recipe of some awful things
recipe of some wonderfully smelling herbs
recipe of some true feelings
that still dwell the land of the dead
boiling blood
boiling tears
boiling anger
mixed with fears
the ghosts rise
they will spin around
watching trees
and hidden eyes within
pale and black
all is hidden in the dark!
Track Name: World Of Blues
i found...
among the trees...

blue lips...
blue thoughts in my head
blue is the world
of blues

i found...
hanging grim face
upon some oak...