New Moon​/​Glacial Sun

by D-P

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2012 remixes with alternative vocals.


released May 12, 2012

Rh-: Keyboards, Lyrics, Artwork
Letaliis: Vocals
ky: Bass, Mixing & Mastering



all rights reserved


Deep-pression Poland

started in 2006 by Rh- & Jan
later worked as jam band
since 2010 as duo : Rh- & ky and sessional members & guests.

Experimental ambient with various influences.

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Track Name: New Moon (Remix)
i showed them
a piece of the universe
i showed them
a piece of a scar
where the colours
were the most meadowlike

all stories start
and end usually nowhere
dont believe!
act!! (even it was poor acting)
leave the footprints!
leave them on a new moon
Track Name: Glacial Sun (Remix)
cold blue suns hide
beyond the burning horizons
my eyes stare the wastelands
listening to the skeletal wings
of hungry birds
fluttering in the grey clouds
above the cold rocks
frozen rivers of insanity
are floating down
the spine of this fucked up reality
we welcome the skies
when embracing dead corpses
in a mud
cold blue lies...
on the coldest top i perched
this is the highest one!
great falling down
has started...
magnificent sunsets
cry in my chest
i opened my veins
on a hill...
under the glacial sun
and frozen vultures...