ODOR (One Day. One Room)

by Deep-pression



Compilation of singles recorded during 2010.
Some tracks have started ideas of future works like Pomerania, Intergalactic Oceans...
Others were just unreleased before.

Released on tape by Valse Sinistre in 2011 limited to 77 to copies (Different order of tracks,different mix and "Alone..." with vocals by ky)


released January 19, 2011

Rh- - Keyboards, Lyrics, Artwork
ky - Bass, Mixing & Mastering
Razor - Vocals (except Tracks 1 and 5)



all rights reserved


Deep-pression Poland

started in 2006 by Rh- & Jan
later worked as jam band
since 2010 as duo : Rh- & ky and sessional members & guests.

Experimental ambient with various influences.

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Track Name: The Odor (Theodor - The Story Of An Old Buried Man)
you smell me through the holes
in wooden desks
you smell me through the tunnels
made by worms
coffin occupants
'The odor'
is my name
graven stench
while meadows bloom with all
the wonderful flowers
and their fragrance
Track Name: Suicidal Rat's Escape
all the ships of this world
have the captains
have a crew
have the rats

dreams wither
or sink in a mud

i found my ship sinking
in the muds of this world
in the dreams of fall
we had no crew
we had rats running away

but some dreams come back
from the depths
when they lost the last bubble
of the air

all ships of this world
moan on the seas
i poured from your bucket
of the suicidal cries
they cry through me:
world is so wonderful
when we hang on wind
fresh 'til tommorow afteroon

your cries call my deaths
they all go through me
with no mercy
they left my mind raped
with old struggles
Track Name: Glacial Sun
cold blue suns hide
beyond the burning horizons
my eyes stare the wastelands
listening to the skeletal wings
of hungry birds
fluttering in the grey clouds
above the cold rocks
frozen rivers of insanity
are floating down
the spine of this fucked up reality
we welcome the skies
when embracing dead corpses
in a mud
cold blue lies...
on the coldest top i perched
this is the highest one!
great falling down
has started...
magnificent sunsets
cry in my chest
i opened my veins
on a hill...
under the glacial sun
and frozen vultures...
Track Name: A New Moon
i showed them
a piece of the universe
i showed them
a piece of a scar
where the colours
were the most meadowlike

all stories start
and end usually nowhere
dont believe!
act!! (even it was poor acting)
leave the footprints!
leave them on a new moon
Track Name: Leaden Clouds In My Lungs
this air is filled with leaden clouds
each single breath is heavier
than the one before
moments on earth
contaminated fields
almost as big as 9 seas
had fallen from the skies
and still they celebrate
the creators of our time
cybernetic scums
old useless shells

this air is filled with the an unfamiliar stench
of the Great Death of all human souls
grey rain..
morning only for birds...

the time...
it stopt
suddenly as it had started
aeons ago...
smell the ancient revenge...
see the gods descending
in a light known from the myths

all is still
'cos there is nothing but a burial ground
but no tears to wash the tombs
..no human eyes detected..
all is free...