The Blackest Horizons

by Deep-pression

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Compilation of the songs with serious touch of Black Metal genre.
Composed between 2009 and 2010.

Tracks 1-3 are "Side Reality".
Tracks 4-6 are "Side Nightmare".

This is our hail to the darks within...

Out for "As Kvlt As Hell Records" on 14th February 2013, contact to buy a copy.


released May 3, 2012

Rh-: Keyboards, Artwork, Lyrics
ky: Mixing & Mastering
Various session members - Other Instruments



all rights reserved


Deep-pression Poland

started in 2006 by Rh- & Jan
later worked as jam band
since 2010 as duo : Rh- & ky and sessional members & guests.

Experimental ambient with various influences.

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Track Name: When I End My Life
in embers...
they all will be put out soon
with waters of the damned
that float through me
a delicate breeze
brought bad news to my head
they rised
on my rocks higher
than my defence
can reach...
sad words through my memories
they cut me
i have no more tears for this
they put out fires
of my disease
putting us out
hot sands, they drink my soul
when i try to call her name
is spasms...
arrogance, a newborn
smelling with nivea cream
i will take care of it
so many days...
months now
i thought im suicide kid
but i hail life
since all were lost
silence tries to scream
the double bottom
is touched
no more peace
in gardens of god
a foundation
of isolation
blossoms so well
upon the soil im built with
feed my roots
save me from this
i dont beg
just whisper to my hands
hiding my face in them
torn apart like a small bird
slayed with eagle's claws
fall with me
if you dont have the words
to calm me down...
feel through me...
read through me...
check my bed... is it cold?
feel through me...
read through me...
feel empty when it's cold
feel lonely when talking to me
cry in silence
i know you do it in the nights!
cry through silence
cry through me...
Track Name: Snow On The Bone
flickering with silver light...
making sound (in my mind)
invaders from the sky..
our uniforms are wet
and it's going to be cold

lightnings on the horizon
trees fall down
with noise
we crawl in frozen mud
covered with first wintry snow

wounds are pink
no pain
when cold embraces whole body
when soul is no more
and the mind is just a greedy
scared organ..
making mess in the muscles

we sleep in the trench
starlit skies...
and last...
last thing i saw...
cant swear
but it was a snow on a bone...

Track Name: Your 17 Miles (Demo Version)
counting years...
great hourglass
in Death's room
it is bringing near
breath taker
just 17 miles from you
feel it
on your neck
count your days
count death's steps
your 17 miles...

it is storming
somewhere beyond horizon
thunders and lightenings
and it is almost there
your last 17 miles
although you stand without move
it comes for you

in great rain
i lay in own blood and misery
couting minutes...
counting seconds...
it comes with this strong wind
it is here...
the end of all
Track Name: Evacuation From The Body
this is the song of relief
when all things end
with black trip through the tunnel
when the universe opens
and we know everything
but cant tell our story

life is depressive
and my mexican friend will sing
in desperate way on that song (!)
i dont blame anyone for feeling this pain
the pain is never gone
truly never gone until we breathe

evacuation from the body
the stars fall
the darkest darks embrace
our souls
and we fly away
but not as birds but as smokes

all was too heavy
all was too hard
since i was the child
gloomy things that come
they smile when we are gone
they smile when we are gone...

evacuation from the body
take the last breath
remember the forest in winter
remember the wind at the seashore
remember all 'cos it will be gone
in a while

evacuation from the body
world is still
we drift above
if they are still "we"
our shells
at the bottom of the deepest ocean...

Track Name: Dead To The Bone
she is in the air
smelling through moisture
and last evening's thoughts
left in area
where no wind blows
deadwater brings no life
drowned in colourless ocean
sorrows breed
shadows rise
moveless limbs
pale, almost grey
on deathcold ice
Track Name: An Endless Sea Of Pain
tears of rotten dreams..
rivers of blood..
all enter an endless sea..
while after while..
each sleepless night..
each tiring day..

we walk the bottom
among the bones
hidden in the mud..
and world is our water
as life is just
the drowned..

miseries and delights
all still in us..
while we sleep
the pain from the past
become more rare..
and it will be gone with
my last breath!

on endless seas
we drift
in the cold blue suns...
dreaming the dead eyes
...they stare from below...