Traveling Through Grey Walls Of Existence

by Deep-pression

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Singles recorded during 2007.


released July 25, 2008

Rh- - Keyboards, Lyrics, Artwork
A. Morbid - Guitar, Vocals

intro for "let's get under sail" by Vrangsinn



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Deep-pression Poland

started in 2006 by Rh- & Jan
later worked as jam band
since 2010 as duo : Rh- & ky and sessional members & guests.

Experimental ambient with various influences.

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Track Name: Pain Is Everywhere
pain...and pain
almost everywhere
like black spiders
behing wardrobe
i think i could even drink it
all at once
like kind of cure...
...step into suicide...

pain ... and pain...
it's everywhere
where i am
like black bird above
who finds its prey
...i think it could be me...
when i'm sitting in my chair
all alone... almost moveless... pain...
Track Name: 0Rh-
it's so many years... now...
and nothing has changed
some things disappear only...
like the boats in the mist...
still i wakeup in sweat
with lungs in my throat
in suffering unknown...
still i wait
with this negative blood
in my veins...
still confused
in chaotic vibrations...
so many years
and blood starts to speak...

Track Name: Deep Journey Down
we travelled through thousand years
to meet again
only tears are filled with
what we feel
only blood is warm
those rainy days
we' re sinking down
deeper down each while

walls are in love with moisture
walls of your room
they love you weeping...
touching them with trembling fingers
it's always like one can't take a breath
like love that withers in your beating heart

they sing! (hear!!)...
four singing walls
"we've seen... we,ve heard"
"die... die...die..."
Track Name: Let's Get Under Sail
Let's get under sail
to float black sea
that stands in mists
hear helpless cries
that come with the wind
and all the sorrow
cursed in our fears

(we bringer closer the gray walls of existance)

Far away and far beyond
in the place for my heart
lifeless and pulsating
with emptiness

Let's get under sail
to drown in sea
that welcomes with the last relief
hear cold stories

Told by the wind
mourn and be mourned
feel and be filled

We stay
with glimmering eyes
like those who love
when the time comes

Far away and deep within
in the place for this dream
black shadows reveal the truth
face it, die and fly away...